You might be here because you’ve already decided that you’re looking for change in your life, or you might be looking for help and support in tackling a problem, a challenge or a situation that you’re facing. You may have identified goals, opportunities and ambitions that need weighing up, together with decisions that you need to make. Maybe you would like help with thinking about your options and their implications.

As a qualified transformational coach with experience in counselling, teaching and creative endeavour over many years, I offer what is often called ‘Life Coaching’ or ‘Personal Coaching’. I work with individuals who are facing some kind of dilemma, conflict or concern, and who seek clarity, direction or progression from where they are in life.

It may only be a small change that’s required and is easily identified, or the concern may be with something large and overwhelming that’s been pushed aside, as it's just too difficult to deal with.


Themes that are often brought into the coaching space include:

  • Life/work balance 

  • Feeling stuck or held back

  • Relationships – work or personal

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Lack of confidence

  • Career changes 


But of course, you might want to bring in something else.

I offer a space to find help, support and time for you to explore, reflect and decide on what you want, where you want to go and how you might get there.


If that sounds right for you, get in touch and let’s meet for our first conversation.


Coaching is often focused around goals or aims in life and with some kind of tangible outcome. It’s about change. However, goals or outcomes might not be obvious to you or easily identified – you might be looking for that change, but you might not know what needs to change or how; you just know something needs to shift.


My practice is rooted in the assumption that we all have needs and the ability to progress towards being who and what we want to be in the world. Whatever you bring into coaching, it requires time and it needs to be heard. I am open, non-judgemental and empathic, and I would work collaboratively and ethically to assist you in finding a voice to express your hopes and your ideas about what is important to you.


As a client, you would determine what we talk about and the direction we take. I would help you look for inspiration and motivation, help you uncover or unlock what may be holding you back, and work with you to grow your confidence, courage and vision to move on.


I have worked with people from many walks of life. I prize the individual and respect that each of us has a unique and valid approach to life and the world.


I have enhanced CRB clearance and I work face to face, over Skype or FaceTime, as well as over the phone.


Our first meeting would be an initial consultation at no charge. This would last for up to an hour and would give us time to discuss what you wish to focus on, the change you are looking for, and how we might work together to achieve what you want. It would also give us a chance to test the ‘chemistry’ to ensure that we are happy to work with each other.


Subsequent sessions are 1 hour, and longer sessions can be arranged if desired. Our time can be tailored to fit your needs and we would agree a cost prior to the first session.


I usually recommend that we contract to work together for six sessions at agreed intervals, which allows time and space for real progress. However, if you desire further sessions, we can recontract at any point.


When working face to face, I coach from a dedicated room in Harleston, Norfolk, UK. The room offers a calm, light and safe environment in which we can work.


Skype and FaceTime sessions offer flexibility if distance and time preclude you from travelling to my coaching space. They can also be used to supplement face to face sessions if you wish.


I offer email support to all clients which, amongst other things, we can discuss during our initial consultation.


A big thank you to my clients for their words and permission to quote from their feedback. The following are a few examples:

"Coaching sessions with Gary have given me an opportunity to talk openly and with ease about situations and difficulties in everyday life. The non-judgemental but constructive approach from the sessions has helped me focus and identify particular issues and approach them in new and different ways. Coaching has helped me with real-life situations and given me some skills to utilise in the future."

Sarah, Norwich


+44(0)7714 100032 hello@garymayescoaching.com

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